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SOTD #743 – Magana

SOTD #743 – Magana
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Oh, you. You, the singer. You, who can reach through my headphones and command my whole attention. Sometimes the gut reaction is the only way to react: the swoon, the surrender, the fixation with this suave persona that swaggers with such ease. Through music I have learned the shape of desire – contoured and faceted, with the texture of velvet and the sheen of spilt oil on the blacktop. In Magana I feel it again.

These are strange waters to me. ‘Get It Right’ swings into a sultry sway that sounds so utterly timeless, and yet I have only modern signifiers around me – like the cartwheelin’ Jaala, the freewheelin’ Sparrow & the Workshop, and sweet sweet Emily Rodgers. An eye for open meadows, an ear for pop melody and country twang; a mind that questions, a voice that flies. Jeni Magana has been in tons of bands before she laid down this EP, and you can tell at once – that effortless cool, the expert tremble. It’s the most audacious track off Golden Tongues, but don’t let that turn you off – the fractal rainbows of desire only glisten brighter as Magana slow down.

Oh! The time, it creeps up on me again. Seconds flow into minutes into hours. I am infatuated again.

Magana’s new EP, Golden Tongues, comes out October 28th on Audio Antihero. Pre-order (and nab ‘Get It Right’ for free) here.

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