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SOTD #746 – Skinny Girl Diet

SOTD #746 – Skinny Girl Diet
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Throughout rock n’ roll’s 60-year lifespan, men have always envisioned particular archetypes for women. There’s the cheating kind, the angels and the devils, the enigmas, the free spirits, and of course the flat-out foxy ladies. Even those who wish to hold a candle to femininity only do so to the mythos of femininity. Man is flawed, woman is perfect; where he cannot speak, she always knows the right words; and on and on.

You already knew this, of course. You can also recite several examples of women that shook this paradigm: The Slits, the Raincoats, Liliput, Hole, Huggy Bear, and the rest. You might be aware of this insurgence, but not every girl is.

Women of the world are bleeding

It’s a simple truth, but in one stroke it could shatter the glossy glass mythos of femininity all over again. The badasses behind Skinny Girl Diet are no enigma – they’re just three young artists who have a million things to say and loads of volume to say it with. And fuck me, is “Pretty Song” ugly. Gloriously, deliciously, perversely ugly. Delilah Holiday is flexing her knuckles, scowling at you from across the void. Ask Skinny Girl Diet to cheer up, and Amelia Cutler will seize yr wrists while Delilah and her sister Ursula bash you into a bloody pulp. Well, OK, so I doubt that the band have ever pummeled anyone literally, but this is sound of decimation, an upheaval of dust and dirt for all-male punk bands twice their age to chew on.


Skinny Girl Diet’s debut LP, Heavy Flow, is out now in the UK and shall invade the US via HHBTM Records on November 4th. US folk should pre-order here.

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