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Spotlight – 17: The Monster Women

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I love Facebook sometimes. You casually scroll through the comments and links and status updates of the myriad people who claim, mostly somewhat spuriously, to have an affiliation with you and discover this.

You know that when a band lists their influences as B-52’s,Young Marble Giants, Shangri-Las, Detroit Cobras, Joan Jett & the Runaways, Exotica!, 60’s garage girl groups, Ladytron, Cat Power, Electrelane, Tiger Trap, Barbara Manning, Connie Francis, Xavier Cugat, Hanoi Rocks, Duran Duran, the Cure, Brigette Bardot, Francoise Hardy, Serge Gainsbourg, Mr Airplane Man, Edith Frost, Velvet Underground, David Bowie, Deerhoof, Blondie, etc… they’re either gonna be the new Softies or the new Vivian Girls, but either way you’re going to be able to make your mind up within seconds.

And, with a list like that, it pretty much makes music criticism superfluous.

The new stuff from The Monster Women sounds like Holly Golightly played through one of those saturated sound filters so much in favour these days, softened with a Slumber Party/mid-80s glow. No edges left to scuff your knees on. From Eureka, CA. (Is there really a town called Eureka?)

Here’s a video.

Oddly, the music contained therein is quite different from that on their MySpace page. But man, I dig both styles for sure.

Here’s another. Fuck, sometimes I wish folk didn’t have video cameras at everything now. It reduces the unique thrill of live performance.

Oh wait, it was Allison Wolfe who recommended them. Well, no wonder I like ’em!

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