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 Everett True

Spotlight – 34: Peepholes

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Again, I’m reminded of the section in the infamous Steve Albini article/tirade against major labels, originally printed in The Baffler, wherein he wishes that bands would try to sound more like Metal Urbain instead of The Beatles. Because, as I’ve written before, it seems that we’ve turned full circle – at least in the circles formerly known as “underground” – and bands like No Age, Crocodiles and Vivian Girls are way taking the side of the late 70s French punk experimentalists.

That reminds me. Check this out. The “missing” Beatles album. It’s done very well.

So: Peepholes. A girl and a boy bond over their love for distortion and super-saturation, mainlining all those great  albums from the likes of Times New Viking and Vivian Girls. There’s little more needs to be said, except that – as ever – the harmonies come about because of the dissonance, the magic comes about through the noise. Drum sticks are just sticks. Technology is there to be fucked with (ask Fuck Buttons).

So: Peepholes. Another two-person Wall of Noise. Melodies, tunes, drum sticks… all ricochet past in a frenzy of mating and keyboards and blurred photography. Polka-dot paper bags are worn on heads. All is as it should be.

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