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Spotlight – 4: The Lovely Eggs

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It’s like listening to The Vaselines being interpreted by The Bobby McGee’s interpreting Moldy Peaches while severely under the influence of snakebite. It’s like being exposed to five generations of art students pretending they’re still seven years old and that’s it’s still really amusing to say ‘poo’. It’s like a musical enema. It’s like hearing Richard Brautigan being interpreted by the web 2.0 generation whose only exposure to TV is Arctic Boosh and that stupid wee intro with the lo-res birds that used to introduce Big Brother. This song might have a stupid title, but it’s so obviously a Nirvana rip I shouldn’t even bother commenting. There are xylophones and noisy bits and cuteness designed to infuriate the fuck out of whoever’s unlucky enough to be passing. Much like a slow cooker at the seaside. There’s repetition used to Jonathan Richman effect, and ukuleles (which are way overrated, someone really needs to point out). It’s like listening to Soko’s ‘I’ll Kill Her’ 3,838,031 times all by oneself. One song is even called ‘I Collect Snails’.

But I can’t help myself. I fucking love The Lovely Eggs.

I sure don’t get the Daniel Johnston comparison, though.

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