Wallace Wylie

Segregation Under a Groove: Pop Music’s Unspoken Colour Lines

Segregation Under a Groove: Pop Music’s Unspoken Colour Lines

Many years ago, a great schism occurred in the history of popular music. As amps got louder and concerts got bigger, new groups responded by creating a heavier kind of music that relied on sheer sonic power as opposed to the lighter sounds of early sixties pop. Rock music broke away from pop and in […]


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Rappers are working class. Critics are middle class. They don’t understand each other.

 Matt O'Neill


You ratchet up the intensity with breakbeat and raver music. This is absinthe and lemonade.

 Ben Pratt

Tyler, The Creator – The Devil in a White Tee

This is exactly the reason why the world needs Tyler and Odd Future. Shit can’t keep rolling like this.

 Wallace Wylie

Various Artists – Messthetics #107 & #108 (Hyped To Death)

There is heart here. There is pride. There is commitment. I want to know who these people are.

 Everett True

a brief note on The Daily Swarm, and the homogenisation of music writing on the web

Who watches the watchmen?

 Princess Stomper

Producers that make (or break) the band

Band-members are like the ingredients of a cake: get it wrong, and the result is bland or sickly.

 Rah Mcv

The Collapse Board interview – Samuel Miers (School Girl Report)

“I use nails under the strings on one song. Spanners, a peg, a drill, a headband and a bracelet. They all give different sounds to each song.”


Break It Down – Rihanna

To the guy who lambasted me with n-bombs and b-words for giving props to Rihanna on Twitter the other day. Other than the fact you’re a fuckwit in the most general sense, you’re also wholly and specifically ignorant about all that is good in this world, IMO (In Meg’s Opinion). In musicology there is this […]