Wallace Wylie

Hating Hipsters: How The Mainstream Hijacked Authenticity And Made Non-Conformity A Joke

Why exactly does the whole world want to distance itself from the term hipster?

 Everett True

Song of the day – 415: Unknown Mortal Orchestra

They seem like hipsters to me (without any added pejorative). Would that be correct?


A Music Critic’s Response: Why One of Us Doesn’t Think You’re a Retarded Arsehole

I’m a tastemaker, right? How can I make taste if everyone’s beating me to the punch?


A Hipster Doofus, Edified; or, how I Stopped Worrying and Started to Love the Drake

It was a simple statement, made on a friend’s Facebook status. “I never got what the big deal is about Nick Drake.”

 Wallace Wylie

Odd Future and sexism etc

Many men still feel that endless misogynistic ‘jokes’ are ultimately harmless and that everyone should just get a sense of humour.

 Everett True

Collective nouns for rock fans

Everyone needs to release their inner James Lawton sometimes