Matt O'Neill

thoughts on the new Washington song, ‘Holy Moses’

‘Holy Moses’ is potentially the single best song Washington’s ever released.

 Everett True

A couple of observations about the ARIA Awards 2010

Congratulations to Temper Trap, winners of Most Popular Australian Single. A single so popular that it’s won the award two whole years after it was released


Songs about Brisbane – 13: Washington

[Another suggestion from the indefatigable Rachel Newnham. This one features a particular favourite of mine – Ed.] Washington – Rich Kids This song always reminds me walking through the Valley, our hub of scungy males and inappropriately dressed ladies. With my fear of gross people, this song could soundtrack many nights of being accosted by groups […]

 Everett True

more on Washington

I wrote a review of the new Washington album for The Vine. You can find it here. ————————————————————————————————————————————————— Washington I Believe You Liar (Universal Music) Australia. You worry me sometimes. I’ve seen this album hailed as 2010’s saviour of pop. (This is what happens when you allow fucking radio presenters to moonlight as music critics, […]