Everett True

Song of the day – 18: Papa Topo

This song chanced onto my iTunes a short while ago, and it made me happy, it made me glad for randomness in life, and reminded me of Room 40‘s excellent Add N To Friends compilation and other such sweet treats. I know very little about Papa Topo except that 1) this song appears on the rightly […]

 Everett True

One-minute reviews – 13: Hum, Christy & Emily, Death To Trad Rock, Knight School

It’s nearly Christmas. Of course that has no relevance to anything I’m about to write whatsoever. Just thought I’d lay a little context on you. I have four minutes to spare, so I thought I’d write you four reviews. Hum – Are You Dead? Hum clatter like Swell Maps, and tell tall tales like Joe-Bob […]