Everett True

The 20 Most Read Articles on Collapse Board in 2012

Fucking nice music too! I can hear Crass, I can hear Bikini Kill, I can hear Dutch insurrectionists The Ex … but most of all I can hear anger and determination and energy and bleakness and hope and a refusal to lie down and accept things as they are.

 Everett True

ROCK VS. CANCER. ROCK WINS!!!!!!!!! A tribute to John Grabski III

ROCK vs. CANCER. You may have taken my brother, you selfish son of a *****, but ROCK STILL WINS!!!!!!!

 Everett True

Song of the day – 431: Teeth (Rock Vs Cancer. Rock Wins.)

Bangs damn it, we would’a KILLED for music this focused, tightly coiled, back in 1990