Everett True

The 20 Most Read Articles on Collapse Board in 2012

Fucking nice music too! I can hear Crass, I can hear Bikini Kill, I can hear Dutch insurrectionists The Ex … but most of all I can hear anger and determination and energy and bleakness and hope and a refusal to lie down and accept things as they are.

 Everett True

SPIN Magazine ceases publication

BuzzMedia: Defining Culture. Addicting Audiences.

 Scott Creney

U.S. Girls – Gem (FatCat)

Is it Gem’s frozen nature that makes me feel encased in glass? Or is it my own detachment that keeps me from finding a way in?

 Scott Creney

Scott Creney reacts to Chuck Klosterman’s article about tUnE-yArDs pretty much exactly the way you’d expect him to

I’m not a huge fan of Tuneyards, but I think this article is a massive pile of shit. No maybes about it.


NME introduces the one-word music review

As noted in last Thursday’s post, veteran music rag Spin has pronounced the traditional album review dead.

 Scott Creney

Guided By Voices – Let’s Go Eat The Factory (Fire)

Robert Pollard’s language is a universe that is both abstract and familiar, a poetry informed by gray skies and basements, used cars and starch.

 Scott Creney

What the hell are we doing here? A Collapse Board manifesto of sorts.

We have a freedom that Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, daily and weekly papers lost a long time ago. The freedom to say whatever we want to say, however we want to say it.

 Scott Creney

The Wussification of Indie Rock (it’s all Pavement’s fault)

A band like Arcade Fire has a hell of a lot more in common with Katy Perry than it does with Daniel Johnston.