Scott Creney

Scott Creney’s Album Roundup: July 2015

Scott Creney’s Album Roundup: July 2015

  July’s always been a shitty month for music. All the good mainstream stuff comes out at the beginning of the summer and all the good indie stuff waits until the college kids come back in the fall. Or maybe I just had a shitty month? I don’t know. All albums scored on the World […]

 Everett True

The 20 Most Read Articles on Collapse Board in 2012

Fucking nice music too! I can hear Crass, I can hear Bikini Kill, I can hear Dutch insurrectionists The Ex … but most of all I can hear anger and determination and energy and bleakness and hope and a refusal to lie down and accept things as they are.


Why Titus Andronicus are the Most Important Band of 2012

Punk’s alive and the gates to Bangs’s Promised Land are open once again.

 Scott Creney

Titus Andronicus – Local Business (XL)

If anyone in The Hold Steady was less than 45 years old, they might sound like this.