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The people have spoken | The greatest band of the grunge era

The people have spoken | The greatest band of the grunge era

Grunge began in 1990 when my previous girlfriend broke my heart by leaving me for some bloke she met on a railway station in Germany. Grunge finished in 1996 when I met the woman who would become my future wife. (In between I went out with a woman who – by being my grunge girlfriend – […]


Iceage | Who makes the Nazis?

I loved going to Jesus Lizard shows as much as any other teenaged alt-punk guy in the 90s, but David Yow always had such a glorious element of beautiful fagginess to what he did.

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10 Great All-Male Rock Bands

Collapse Board’s celebration of 10 of the most rocking all-male rock bands around. Enjoy!

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A list of 20+ performances that have shocked

I drew the line at coprophilia.

 Tom Randall

Fucked Up – David Comes To Life (Matador)

Woah, what the? Fucked Up? Monochrome?

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Spotlight – 23: No Anchor

I’ll be blunt here. These guys praised me, so I thought I’d check their shit out. Seems like I’ve been yearning for a little of this recently. My iTunes has been flickering between Pissed Jeans and Wavves, Crocodiles, recs of the flesh, Melbourne’s Witch Hats (who are Australia’s greatest rock band when The Drones are […]