Wallace Wylie

Kula Shaker – K (Sony)

Kula Shaker – K (Sony)

The London dreamers have borrowed their favourite parts from music’s past to create a headrush of love and mysticism

 Scott Creney

Everything Is Plastic – The Corrupting Ideal of Authenticity In Music

ALL music is fake. That’s why they call it a performance; that’s why they call it an act.

 Everett True

Pop music vs the ‘classic’ Australian Top 10

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Pop music that shits all over the tired, tepid male rock posturing of the other nine videos from a wonderfully giddy height.

 Everett True

a Diamond in the smooth

Damn, I’m excited. We’re going to see Neil Diamond tonight!

 Everett True

Belle And Sebastion @ The Tivoli, 07.03.11

Speaking as a Ramones and Undertones fan, I love a bit of self-parody, me. As long as it’s done straight.