The 100 Best Australian Albums – All Your Bands Are Belong To Us

The 100 Best Australian Albums – All Your Bands Are Belong To Us

A few weeks ago the list of the 100 Best Australia Albums, as determined by music journalists Toby Creswell and Craig Mathieson, together with music industry executive and ex-journalist John O’Donnell, was published, a precursor to the mandatory book and CD set. I’m surprised no one else has posted something more comprehensive on Collapse Board […]

 Everett True

Everett True’s Australian Garage Rock Primer

There’s a good argument to be had for grunge beginning in Australia with The Scientists in 1979. Ask Kurt Cobain. Oh wait. You can’t.


Songs about Brisbane – 2: The Parameters

[Day 2 in our ‘Songs about Brisbane’ series comes from renowned local author Andrew Stafford, whose book of a few years back, ‘Pig City’, helped re-galvanise interest in the city’s alternative music scene, albeit retrospectively. Appropriately enough, he has chosen to write about the classic Brisbane protest song ‘Pig City’ – Ed.] ‘Pig City’ isn’t […]


Is the method of the marginalised musician the future of the whole industry?

To qualify my wanker status I am currently working on a research masters at QUT. The exact nature of the project is still in flux, but having just been enrolled I spent the weekend at the library reading about “The Saints’, “The Triffids”, “The-Go Betweens” and “Nick Cave” circa “Bad Seeds”, “Birthday Party” and “The […]

 Everett True

Song of the day (Australia) – 146: The Saints

Day five of this series, and this one is an absolute no-brainer. The Thin Kids played up support to Kate Nash last night in the totally fucking awesome East Brunswick Club in Melbourne, and my head is pounding through lack of sleep and excitement and the cold Victoria air this morning. Three rows of Kate […]