Everett True

The return of Everett True | 133. Bitchratch

The return of Everett True | 133. Bitchratch
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I’m going to hide behind my headphones here. Always ready with the quim quip, the supportive word. When did all that get reduced to this? Is this all I am: validation?

Bind me tie me
Chain me to the wall I want to be a slave
To you all

This one’s got a great tune, a catchy melody, a zinging upbeat zinger of a fucken zingin’ beat. It sure as fuck don’t sound like white boy tortured soul. Yyy gonna want to play this one to yr netball squad, your bike gang buddies, just before the big game – get psyched, get paralysed, play loose. Gp free n’ easy, unnerstan’? Lemme hear you on the chorus, you ain’t singin’ loud nuff at the back, boy! “Your sunken eyes they can’t disguise the distance that I recognise/I’m paralysed by you.” And again! “Your sunken eyes they can’t disguise the distance that I recognise/I’m paralysed by you.” Don’t that make you feel a whole lot better? I said DON’T THAT MAKE YOU FEEL A WHOLE LOT BETTER? Can’t believe it took me over a year to recognise this sound, to place the useless piece of shit Everett True stamp of approval upon this sound – here, take the rubberstamp, why don’cha: that’s what most journos use. This is like Patsy Kensit fronting Pet Shop Boys, only it ain’t. Not quite.

Let’s have a little of that sweet piece of verse, shall we?

(Thanks a lot) your sunken eyes they can’t disguise the distance that I recognise
(Thanks a lot) FOR RUINING MY LIFE
And though you’re so nice when your defenceless and your own your back
I’ll fall for you but uh uh I won’t fall for that x 2 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

Caught in a trap. No turning back. Lost in music.

Not sure where they’re from. I’m guessing Palm Springs.

Here’s what one member posted on Facebook, 8 March.

It’s International Women’s Day. For all the exhaustion, disappointment, defeat and confusion being a woman and being underestimated and undervalued in almost every field can offer there is reward. There is power and wisdom that only we as an exclusive club can understand and tap into and we don’t do it enough. I want to spend this year lifting and supporting the gals in my life, debunking the idea that we are competitors –how stupid were we to not recognise our combined powers (shouts out to all the gals I’ve beefed with essentially over dudes)? It’s 2015 and the struggle for equality is still very tangible. BUT – Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pinkprint’ was a triumph and thick girls are back on the map, I am surrounded in the legal profession but women who I am dumbfounded even exist with all of their drive and intelligence, girls are dominating every single avenue with finesse, Amber Rose is still slaying these hoes, I’m finding myself and the gals that surround me are becoming more direct, more definitive and unapologetic in their decision making processes and more and more the opinions of men are becoming essentially disposable as far as women’s issues are concerned. I appreciate and kiss the ground you all walk on – yaaaaaaasssss my queens.

Yep. Bitchratch. I ain’t sayin’ any more.

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