Everett True

The return of Everett True | 52. Los Animalitos Del Bosque

The return of Everett True | 52. Los Animalitos Del Bosque
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More recommendations from the promised city, Barcelona. I mean, Jesus fuck does my contact there have my number or what?

This description of his kills me. I was prepared to make this a Song of the Day before I even listened to a note.

LOS ANIMALITOS DEL BOSQUE: they are like Ramones or Barracudas for kids. They sing mostly about silly animals. This year some of my favourite Spanish punk-pop bands became obsessed with them and cover their hit “Pelea de monos”. They are really cool!

Do you need to know anything else? I mean, really.

Music. It’s one part panache, 10 parts charm, three parts melody, 15 parts buzzsaw guitar, 10 parts silly costumes, three parts throaty harmonies, 23 parts a drummer who can’t quite keep up, 199 parts Ramones, 15 parts liquor, 23 parts exotica…. (continues in this vein for another five hours)…three parts soul boy dancing shoes.

I can’t pronounce Baccaruda.

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