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16 Most Read Entries on Collapse Board, 20.07.11 – 26.07.11

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Amy Winehouse dies

For three days running, the record for daily views on Collapse Board was smashed. The final day, we hit 10,000+ views in a single day for the first time. And what’s really gratifying is that most of this came down to one post, Erika Meyer’s very moving account of overcoming prejudice in America in the 80s as a female wanting to play guitar in a rock band. Good writing does win out, it seems. (The astonishing thing here is that it’s gained its position as Most Read after being up for just one day.) There’s no surprise about the next few entries, following on from the sad news about Amy Winehouse.

As ever, we need to shunt the Kreayshawn post to one side – SEO sees to its high ranking. (If you haven’t already read it, it’s a great article, incidentally.)

Oh, and for any contributor wanting to boost their own rankings … throw the word ‘Nirvana’ into your blog title. Works a treat, every time.

Shut up about Kreayshawn being racist 
I mean, isn’t hanging out with, and working with other races pretty much the dictionary definition of NOT a racist? (Kelly McClure)

1. How I Learned To Play Guitar
Great rock music has less to do with ‘skill’ and ‘talent’ and more to do with a person’s ability to use music as an artistic medium. (Erika Meyer)
2. Amy Winehouse R.I.P. (see featured image)
R.I.P. Amy Winehouse. I suspect we’ll always be missing your next album. (Everett True)
3. worst cover version I’ve heard in years
What the fuck is up with these wannabe Christian rock bands? Complete fucking dickheads. (ET)
4. this is why we have YouTube: Amy Winehouse drunk in Belgrade
You could make the following out to be a reason why we don’t need music criticism/journalism any more … (ET)
5. Why Everett True is wrong
The worst character in fiction is Twilight’s Bella: a canvas of nothingness onto which the empty project their shallow desires. (Princess Stomper)
6. Everett True’s 12 favourite songs of 2011 so far
Something to do with believing in the power of music. (ET)
7. the media reacts with its customary sensitivity to the death of Amy Winehouse – IN PICTURES!

8. Song of the day – 376: EMA (Nirvana cover)
This is about as great as it gets. EMA covering a Nirvana song. (ET)
9. Song of the day – 374: King Q4 (with two Nirvana cover versions thrown in)
They’ve taken ‘Love Buzz’ to a very different place, far away from Rock And Roll Halls Of Fame. (ET)
10. Song of the day – 377: Amanda Palmer (Nirvana cover)
Amanda Palmer’s reading of ‘Polly’ is quietened, a spooked horror show, a creepy music box after-the-event version. (ET)
11. Washed Out – Within And Without (Sub Pop)
Washed Out is a soundtrack for passive consumption, for the blissfully ignorant to wallow like pigs at the late-capitalist mudbath. And if Ernest Greene has a problem with that, maybe he should try making music that isn’t so easily turned into a billboard. (Scott Creney)
12. Song of the day – 305: The Edwin Hawkins Singers
Greatest vocal performance on vinyl ever? One of them, for sure. (ET)
13. The Horrors – Skying (XL)
It seems that even when critics refer to such abstract concepts as Krautrock (specifically Can), what they really mean is THIS BAND SOUNDS LIKE U2. That’s odd. I’d never heard the connection before. (ET)
14. six of the best from halfway through the year
A feast of cryptic poetics sound tracked by sleepy-eyed saxophones and smooth grooves. (Wallace Wylie)
15. 6 things I like about 2011
I love how it starts out quiet and then suddenly the music pummels you with a tumult of guitars and ride cymbal. (Darragh Murray)
16. Song of the day – 378: No Mas Bodas
Their music is most welcome in this house: subtle, chiding, elliptical, warm, inviting. (ET)

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