22 of Tamsin Chapman’s favourite songs of 2012 so far

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Paint Fumes

By Tamsin Chapman

Music has been so boring this year, I’m so over nufuzzwurld. Tired of hypnagogic dribble, blurry meander and retro RETRO pop music re-enactment societies. Guitars – yawn. Computers – sigh. That stuff in your eyes in the morning when you wake up is called ‘gound’, the residue from secret tears that have dried in the night. Ground Soundz, that’s all there’s been in 2012. And so, I’ve listened to older stuff and shied away from the indiepop formula; Bollywood, Lollywood, go-go funk, old-skool hip-hop, calpypso, soca, lovers rock. Oh, how can anything new compete with a song as magical as this one?

(Nazir Ali/Nahid Akhtar/Mehnaz – Life Is A Dance)

And then this came along:

(Georgia Anne Muldrow – Seeds)

Whack the volume up as high as it will go. Why had I never heard this woman before?

Yes, there are retro 70s soul influences, but also so much more. It’s like three songs played all at once; powerful surging intensity and giant, marvellous HUGENESS.

And her back catalogue is full of more wondrousness, such as this thing of beauty.

But Georgia Anne aside, nothing else is really breaking through the ennui, except, well this is rather fine and also pretty giant. Building and building, until once again, it’s HUGE. Like the sound of the Higgs-Bosun particle giving mass to AWE(SOME), ascending in a tractor beam of synthesized swoonlight.


(Fugu Gufu – No Line) – free download

And actually forget what I said about guitars. Forgive me guitars because actually you’re the ones that I love best, that I’ll always come back to, no matter how many times I might stray after a tempting piece of electronica. (as long as you stay away from solo-ing mind, and stick only to crunch and twang). And even though there’s nothing new about big, lolloping garage guitars, and even though I HATE the cliched, patronising video, I still love this:

(Paint Fumes – Waste Of Time)

Oh and talking of twang, Ian Svenonius has a new one out and it’s also a belter

(Chain & The Gang – Certain Kinds Of Trash)

(continues overleaf)

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