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 Wallace Wylie

22 of Wallace Wylie’s favourite songs of 2012 (most of which are actually from 2012) so far

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Beach House – The Hours

The album Bloom has crept up on me stealthily as the weeks have passed, but this was a favourite from day one.

Bee Gees – Craise Finton Kirk Royal Academy Of Arts

I have to mention Robin Gibb. If you love The Zombies but refuse to listen to Bee Gees then you’re an arse. Simple as that.

M.I.A. – Bad Girls

I never was an M.I.A.’s fan, but that had more to do with the chatter around her. I’m not saying she now gets my full endorsement, but the moment Pitchfork feels the needs to publish an all-out attack on an artist for merely giving the finger to a camera is the moment that I become a fan. A million internet commentators call out M.I.A. for even playing the Superbowl, claiming that she’s no rebel. In truth, M.I.A. pissed off more people in one second than a million internet trolls could even dream about. She even pissed off Pitchfork, something a million indie dudes would give away their signed copy of Our Band Could Be Your Life to do.

Annette Poindexter & The Pieces Of Peace – Mama

Another used CD that randomly came into my store, this one part of the Eccentric Soul series. CDs like this make me question the traditional pop canon. If songs as good as ‘Mama’ can exist undiscovered by the masses, then how many other lost masterpieces are out there? I’ll never get to listen to them all! I’ll go to my grave unsatisfied, which is surely a good thing.

Killer Mike – Untitled (featuring Scar)

El-P produced Killer Mike’s album (R.A.P. Music) as well as releasing his own (Cancer 4 Cure) this year . El-P’s beats are untouchable, but Killer Mike is the superior rapper. As much as I like Cancer 4 Cure, El-P sounds like he could turn making a sandwich into an existential crisis. On R.A.P. Music, Killer Mike reigns supreme, sounding at once bawdy, angry, and wise. Right now, it’s definitely my favourite album released this year. I can’t think of a better endorsement.

Hugh Mundell – Jacqueline

Turns out Diplo is good for something. He can curate a good reggae album. This song came out in 1982, a year before Hugh Mundell’s murder. Just listen.

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