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 Everett True

A Christmas Gift from Everett True 2011, part two

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Shonen Knife - Space Christmas

Here’s the second part of my seasonal mix-tape. The download link is at the bottom.

This part is a little bit more punk. You could probably get away with playing Part One in front of your parents – or children – (as long as you remember to fast-forward through the mighty Wild Billy Childish song) but this one you might want to consider censoring a fraction. Unless, of course, you’re one of the fortunate ones who belong to the type of family who think there’s nothing jollier than screaming “Fuck Christmas” at the top of their lungs (Fear) just as yr in-laws are bringing out the pavlova, or love to join in with a rousing chorus of “Here comes Fatty/With his sack of shit” (Rudolph And Gang) just as your wide-eyed toddlers are opening their presents. Also, that 10-minute long James White And The Blacks track might place a slight strain on familial relations, if not everyone is as into bad-ass jazz skronk as you.

Still, it does contain two of my absolute favourite recent Christmas songs (Eux Autres, The Long Blondes) and, of course, Joseph Spence and The Ronettes, so – fuck me! It must be Christmas!

As ever, the following restrictions apply:

The track-listing on the mix-tapes differs slightly to the one below. Copyright considerations, and all that. Also, the compilations will be available for a limited period only. If you like any of the featured artists, please track back to their MySpace sites, record company home pages and the like, and show support by purchasing their music direct.

1. Eux Autres – Another Christmas At Home
2. Fear – Fuck Christmas
3. Jinx Lennon – Don’t Lose A Stone For Christmas
4. The Beach Boys – Little Saint Nick
5. Diana Ross & The Supremes – Just A Lonely Christmas
6. Rudolph And Gang – Here Comes Fatty Claus
7. James White And The Blacks – Christmas With Satan
8. John Baker – Christmas Commercial
9. The Dirtbombs – My Last Christmas
10. The Ronettes – Frosty The Snowman
11. T.Rex – Christmas Jingle
12. Dolly Parton – I’ll Be Home For Christmas
13. Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians Of The British Empire – A Poundland Christmas
14. The Fall – No Christmas For John Quays
15. James Brown – Santa Claus, Santa Claus
16. The Long Blondes – Christmas Is Cancelled
17. Akim & The Teddy Vann Production Company – Santa Claus Is A Black Man
18. Six Fat Dutchmen – Sleigh Bell
19. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – There’s No Lights On The Christmas Tree Mama There Burning Big Louie Tonight
20. Rocket 455 – Santa Ain’t Coming for Christmas
21. Lord Nelson – A Party For Santa Claus
22. Joseph Spence – Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town
23. Shonen Knife – Space Christmas

You can find the download link here

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