Boys Against Girls Against the Brisbane Street Press – part 2

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by Justin Edwards

The long overdue second part of this series. 

In the first part I looked at the contributors and full-time staff named in the masthead of each of Brisbane’s four weekly street press publications – Rave, Time Off, Scene, 3D World – in the issue of the paper that was published in the week commencing 31 January 2011, and split them up into male contributors and female contributors. The names in the mastheads showed that approximately 67 per cent of the contributors writing for Brisbane’s weekly street press are male and 33 per cent are female, although there were notable differences when each publication was looked separately. There were some difficulties in deciding whether a contributor was male or female, although hopefully this wasn’t too significant.

For the second part of this feature I want to look at the content of each of the four publications in more detail and see how it comparesw to the breakdown of male and female contributors shown in the mastheads.

When I originally started thinking about looking at this I had a single week’s Brisbane street press to hand. Then I realised that I hadn’t done any recycling for a couple of weeks so it became three weeks’ worth of papers. Then a couple more passed by and we were up to five issues of each magazine (from the week commencing 24 January to the week commencing 21 February). Almost another two months have now gone by since I did the analysis, but five is as good a number as any.  Plus, if I don’t finish this now, I never will.  Taking out the weeks over Christmas and New Year when street press doesn’t get published, five issues is around 10 per cent of the year and a good enough sample to be considered representative.

Here’s what I did (continued overleaf): 

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