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mood swings (The Amity Affliction)

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The Amity Affliction
Youngbloods (Boomtown)

It’s hard to imagine feeling anything other than outraged, angry, annoyed and so on and so forth when listening to Youngbloods. That’s because that’s what The Amity Affliction (and all of their releases prior to it) promote. The first 14 seconds of introductory synth and violins on opening track ‘I Hate Hartley’ eases me into what’s to come. And after the first 14, seconds screaming commences and it makes my blood boil. And I fucking love it.

Anna, age 15.
Dear Diary,
The track Anchors is my theme song. “I have so many anchors, so many, so many anchors, far too many to be sailing on these seas/They’re pulling me under and I just want to be freed but I’m just drowning and clasping.” They just speak to me, you know? Ahren Stringer’s screaming and Justin Bieber-esque melodies are the perfect solution to my fucked up life and bitch of a mother. Excuse me while I go get his face tattooed across my chest. Oh, and the lyrics across the inside of my wrist.

I’d request title track ‘Youngbloods’ at Rosie’s and then I’d go and get so drunk, and then I’d request this song and then I’d dance like an idiot. “Youngblood’s young hearts alive/Like the fires burn inside your eyes/We won’t give up these memories/We won’t go near those cemeteries.” And then I’d turn to the boy next to me and make out with him and I’d feel good about it, because I am a Youngblood and I can’t live forever.

I wouldn’t be listening to this album if I were cheerful. Since I’m listening to this album, I only experience moods 1, 2 and 3.

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