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mood swings (The Radio Dept.)

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The Radio Dept.
Clinging to a Scheme (Labrador)

More of the same, but I like it. Melancholy, or something like it. Drifting, floating, tumbling down the side of a cold mountain into a warm ocean. In slow motion. A voice from the deep. Droplets of rain sending me to sleep. More of the same, but I love it.

PR one sheet
‘You Stopped Making Sense’ is the closing track on The Radio Dept.’s slightly more upbeat third album, Clinging to a Scheme. At three minutes and 55 seconds long, it’s a little longer than the Swedish shoegazers’ other songs, but it rounds out their latest album in style.

A bare, distorted synth and the hiss of electronic drums are met by several bass and piano synths and a stray guitar. Vocals drenched in reverb join the fray, punctuated by drawn-out one-note synths. Simple acoustic drums pop up, buried in the same shimmery mix of digital manipulation.

“What did you think of the last track?”
“What’s it called?”
“’Stop Making Sense’, I think.”
“Oh, yeah that one’s okay.”
“Just okay?”
“Yeah. ‘Heaven On Fire’ is pretty awesome.”
“Yeah, totally. You should give the last track a listen though, it’s really good.”
“Yeah, will do.”

Here we go, more dreary bullshit. This guy needs to cheer up, for everyone’s sake. Sounds like they’re in a school hall. Leave the reverb alone, miserable Swedish bastards. Just because you’re Swedish doesn’t mean you can have terrible English lyrics. I better turn this off before I fall asleep.

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