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now that’s what I call a femme-pop playlist

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Discovered this while searching online for music by The X-Osettes. It comes from an online radio show I did with Jon Slade for Totally Radio in Brighton. The show lasted several years but I’m not sure anyone ever listened to it.

Wednesday, March 31st, 2004
CARELESS TALK tribute to the HOWL ladies in Belfast: female-led artists only
Presenter: Everett True

1 Irma Thomas: Take A Look (Kent)
2 Electrelane: I Wanna Be The President (Let’s Rock!)
3 Glass Candy: Love Love Love (Troubleman Unlimited)
4 The Gossip: Fire/Sign (kill rock stars)
5 Scout Niblett: Fire Flies (Too Pure)
6 Miss Pain: Campari & Sex (demo)
7 Migu: Spider (Ochre)
8 Julie Ruin: I Wanna Know What Love Is (kill rock stars)
9 The Rogers Sisters: I’m A Ballerina (Troubleman Unlimited)
10 Marva Whitney: What Do I Have To Do To Prove My Love To You? (Polygram)
11 Cadallaca: Your One Wish (K)
12 Babes In Toyland: He’s My Thing (Twin/Tone)
13 Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Rich (Polydor)
14 The X-Osettes: Dedicated To The One I Love (demo)
15 The Snowbirds: Motorcycle Baby (demo)
16 Slumber Party: Never Again (kill rock stars)
17 The Shangri-Las: Out In The Streets (Polygram)
18 Young People: (title track unknown) (demo)
19 Nina Nastasia: We Never Talked (Touch And Go)
20 Nina Simone: Trouble In Mind (Colpix)
21 Patti Smith: Piss Factory (MER)
22 Kaito: Go (Sickroom)
23 Ludus: My Cherry Is In Sherry (New Hormones)
24 Bearsuit: Hey Charlie Hey Chuck (version) (Fortuna Pop!)
25 Dayglo Superstars: Action Hero (Transformed Dreams)
26 Klang: Love (For Us)
27 The Chap: Remember Elvis Rex (Lo)
28 X: Your Phone’s Off The Hook (But You’re Not) (Slash)
29 Mo-Dettes: Paint It Black (Deram)
30 Bikini Kill: Rebel Girl (kill rock stars)
31 Marine Research: YYUB (Where It’s At Is Where You Are)
32 Comet Gain: Strength (Wiiija)
33 Girls At Our Best!: Warm Girls (Record)
34 Chia Pet: Hey Baby (Kokopop)
35 Leopards: Strange Rhythmical Music (Warped)
36 Sonic Youth: Kool Thing (Geffen)
37 Talulah Gosh: Talulah Gosh (53rd And 3rd)

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