Logan K. Young

PRETZEL LOGIC No. 14 – Thurston Moore, Demolished Thoughts (Matador)

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By Logan K. Young

Thurston Moore, “Benediction” & “Illuminine”
from Demolished Thoughts (Matador)

Any comp major will tell you, dude:
Pretzel logic tastes like shite without theory’s spicy brown mustard.
Apropos, I sought out MT Software’s
MatrixMakerX for explication.
Elementary, my dear, sweet Rikki.

I <3* Thurston Moore — quantifiably. And since the whole’s been explained a priori, let’s proceed now with her parts.

The first two tunes, “Benediction” and “Illuminine,” feature the following six-string, pentachordal tuning:

Eb — Bb — D — F — Bb — C
(¿¿¿ cm<sup>add2</sup><sub>add4</sub>[no5]<sup>7</sup> ???)

No! As per the hardback of Joseph N. Straus’ Introduction to Post-Tonal Theory, Third Ed. (Prentice Hall) c/o The Structure of Atonal Music (Yale University Press) by Allen Forte paperback:

Let C = |0|
Have D = |2|
Allow E-flat/D-sharp = |3|
Make F = |5|
Agree that B-flat/A-sharp = |10|

*Still, my all-time fave TM song.

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