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 Everett True

SEO isn’t enough. Your content needs creativity

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Google Nemo doodle

This is one of the oddest posts I’ve seen relating to Collapse Board. Can’t remember if I’ve shared it with you before so here it is.

Reprinted in full from the rather erratically updated The Web Strategy Guide (“About the creation of digital strategies & associated ideas, theories, research & technologies”), without permission – but I really can’t imagine they’ll mind.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is necessary to help you reach your audience on the web.

But it shouldn’t be forgotten that there are many ways to reach an audience.

Delight and novelty are also important as they give your website distinguishing features. They differentiate.

Which should lead to return visitors.

This is a long winded intro to some content I’ve just spotted on a music website called COLLAPSE BOARD.

A great story by Erika Meyer (good use of video, too) led me to an audience research Q&A about the website.

It turns out that one of the website’s most popular features is its Reviewed in Pictures section. Here’s the Coldplay review.

Using photos to review music is a neat, funny, idea that makes Collapse Board stand out from its competitors.

I’m telling you about it not because I found it through SEO, but because it made me smile.

SEO isn’t enough. Your content needs creativity

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