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LIINES – Disappear / Be Here (Reckless Yes)

LIINES – Disappear / Be Here (Reckless Yes)
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I first discovered LIINES through twitter. I believe they messaged me following the ILL interview I did for Collapse Board. I was impressed from the start.

The thumping relentless tom tom heavy drums on LIINES’ ‘Be Here’- the second track on a Double A side 7 inch vinyl released, on brand new cult label in the making, Reckless Yes – makes me want to move to Manchester and start drumming in bands again. You can almost smell the beer-stained floors of the clubs this band are doing the rounds in right now. “I’m not gonna give up easy”, sings Zoe McVeigh as she chimes in on minimalist guitar. It’s moody and brooding. Then the chorus kicks in with the jumpy catchy “I don’t want you to go / I want you to be here” before it all get a bit B-movie soundtrack. The relentless tom tom heavy drums return, maintaining the tension and the pace of this potential indie club dancefloor filler. By the third listen, I’m singing along.

On ‘Disappear’, machine gun snares, pumping high hats blend with screeching jarring guitars in a minimalist post punk symphony, while McVeigh’s voice soars above. The bassline sounds new wave and drives everything forward. “Don’t you wish you’d learn to forget something you know that’s ended”

LIINES bring their special blend of new wave post-punk with tinges of grunge and nineties style production provided by veteran of Brit Rock Paul Tipler.

Released on Reckless Yes 28th October digitally and on limited edition coloured vinyl.

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