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Song of the day – 181: Useless Children

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This is punk as I understand it. Fast. Female-led. Uncompromising. Melodic underneath a welter of bruised fists and egos. Fast. Brief. Angry, doubtless. Not polite whatsoever. I’ll play Useless Children‘s new six-song Exo Records EP three times max, lose it down the back of the computer, find it in five months time, shove ‘Sounds’ on and go: “What the fuck? Did this come out in 2010? Sweet. Shame I’m nearly fucking 50-years-old and can’t even walk down my driveway without calling out for Elders Support let alone go out see some blister-skin punk rock.” The EP is over in under nine minutes. Can’t hear even Isaac singing along with this: it’s too frantic, messy and nasty.

Damn it. Eternal Soundcheck have once again beaten me to the punch. Watch them mercilessly pummel the crowd at Burst City into submission last week.

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