The soundtrack to the inside of my head over the last year | Alex Gillies

Maybe, just maybe, I’m not the only one in this world with these fears and desires … and that’s what makes music so special.


Rant in B-Minor

This past week I’ve been spending my time in the trendy inner northern suburbs of Melbourne. Last weekend I flew down with some bands I play in for a show at a bar in musical hotspot Fitzroy, and tonight I’ll be seeing the second of two shows at The Forum as part of the Melbourne […]

 Everett True

Song of the day – 181: Useless Children

This is punk as I understand it. Fast. Female-led. Uncompromising. Melodic underneath a welter of bruised fists and egos. Fast. Brief. Angry, doubtless. Not polite whatsoever. I’ll play Useless Children‘s new six-song Exo Records EP three times max, lose it down the back of the computer, find it in five months time, shove ‘Sounds’ on […]

 Everett True

Feathers live @ Burst City, 03.09.10

There’s a mighty big industry bun-fest going on in Brisbane right now. And that’s lovely for all those taking part, I’m sure. But for those of us who still cherish the naive belief that music shouldn’t just involve Media achievements (last 12 months) – radio, reviews, on line action, database numbers etc Current team – […]


Cured Pink + Psy Ants + Fangs Of + Die On Planes @ Burst City, 29.08.10

Back to Burst City… definitely the best place to spend a Sunday afternoon in Brisbane. $5 entry, 4 bands, what a good deal. For this show I tried something new and used a better video camera (courtesy Adam Rogers of Heart Flew fame), featuring widescreen, night mode etc. It’s bloody nice is what it is, enjoy […]


Loose Grip/Gravel Samwidge @ Burst City, 14.08.10

A Benefit show to help raise funds for Burst City to keep going, a damn good cause. Only 3 bands, Slug Guts played last and it was the best set I’ve witnessed from them, I was completely lost in that blurry moment and was unable to film it. LOOSE GRIP The first time Loose Grip have played […]