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Song of the day – 238: 6 Day Riot

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I normally like this sort of music a little less polished. If 6 Day Riot really want to swagger with a gypsy swagger then they ought to loosen up a little more and not worry so much about the cool. Not be so concerned with equal rights for all band-members. But this song is fine. As are the other five or so I’ve heard. So what the fuck. Music that helps brighten the day. Their songs keep coming onto iTunes, and I keep thinking, “Man this music is all right! I must check to see who it is”, and seven times out of 10 it’s 6 Day Riot so that’s gotta be a recommendation, right? (The other three times it’s The John Steel Singers – but I can recognise them by now.) Plenty of energy, and playfulness and dynamics. Oh yes. There are certainly dynamics. Bouncy, bouncy dynamics.

From the UK.

Frozen mango pieces make for great smoothies, but they’re real buggers to cut up.

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