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Song of the day – 322: MGMT

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So I’ve done my increasingly usual trick. Listened to music with barely a trace of context.

I was fairly sure that:

  • MGMT were American, current, young, hip
  • They’d covered a song by The Clean.

And that was it. I tuned into the Congratulations album. Noted with a wry smile the song dedicated to Dan Treacy. Almost immediately fell in love with the music. Reminded me of why I loved The Flaming Lips, early Flying Nun, Lispector … in the first place. Seemed like there was plenty of imagination going down, and a solid beating pop heart. Damn. Isn’t that cool? So I posted about my new discovery on Facebook, and was taken aback by the force of the response …

In reference to that comment of Darragh’s: I’m unlikely to hear a band for a millionth time unless I choose to. Last time I was force-fed music was back in the 80s when I was a screen-printer.

(continued overleaf)

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