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Song of the day – 360: Sway (free download)

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I don’t know. One part of me says ‘hippie scum’. Laughter from other people annoys me.

The other half tells me to shut the fuck up and start enjoying myself. Whatever. I can only go where the traffic goes, to quote an old Jasmine Minks lyric. Is it my fault if I have inbuilt block breakers? Sway sound spontaneous, if annoyingly upbeat, and they understand the joy of off-mic harmonies. No, wait. I like the fact they sound a little bit untogether and nervy and appreciate that secular gospel singing is about a high an art-form there is … please don’t mention Spiritualized … and that doo-wop is cool, too. I mean, some of this reminds me of The Diskettes. And that sure ain’t bad. And some of this reminds me of Joel Stern. I have no idea why. But that sure ain’t bad either. In fact, I think that the ‘some of this’ that reminds me of The Diskettes is winning way over whatever ‘part of me’ is calling them out for being hippie scum, and hence the inclusion of this song as a Song of the Day, and a link to a place where you can download the entire Songs For Your Sweetheart album for free, because I really am enjoying this homily unpretentious warm sound … laughter nor no.

I really ought to stop being such a grump.

Sway. I know nothing about them. Happy with that. Sway. On to song four, and really enjoying the album

Here’s The Diskettes. Their music – the exact midpoint between Beat Happening and doo wop – still makes me deliriously happy.

And here’s Joel Stern’s Sky Needle.

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