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Song of the day – 390: Pikacyu*Makoto

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Pikacyu*Makoto are like the plot to a seedy French movie, amplified and given a HUGE beard.

There are many reasons I love Afrirampo. There are many reasons I love Acid Mothers Temple, too. Number one is because they have the freedom to laugh. I’ve sung alongside a fair few improvisational musicians in my time, but mostly they don’t allow themselves this freedom, even when they’re clearly cracking up inside. (More reasons to love Tunabunny and The Deadnotes, incidentally.) You think I can resist Pikacyu bouncing around at the start of this video? You are demented, boy. (This is, after all, a lady I once carried around on my shoulders for the duration of an entire song.) Look at those fucking drum sticks! She might just as well be using maracas. The guitar sound is everything I love about 60s garage. Yeah sure, it’s psychedelic. All those cymbals being smashed! The wah-wah … Sure, the ‘song’ is going to suck on one of my mixtapes, but isn’t it OK to love music just for the spectacle sometimes? Just two musicians freaking out and jamming. I feel like I’m a Jimmy Page sun worshipper all of a sudden. This is as close to understanding the appeal of prog rock as I think I’ll ever come.

There’s an album this links in with. OM Sweet Home : We Are Shining Stars From Darkside. It’s sort of a disappointment, because all the songs come in under 12 minutes. But that’s OK. Think of it as their From Here To Infinity (and that one was funny, sure: not least because every track on the clear vinyl was contained within a locked groove, which meant you were gonna destroy the album within one listen).

‘Back To Your House Over The Rainbow’ is the finest song and it’s also the most indulgent. I mean, clearly.

This isn’t it. This is ‘Birth Star’. A paltry 9.49 minutes long. It’s still pretty damn fine.

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