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Song of the day – 393: The Dagoes

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The Dagoes

I thought I’d pick out a couple of great bands mentioned in our recent exhaustive The Big Beat In The Heart Of The Vinyl Jungle article, reprinted from trakmarx.com. Twenty thousand words long!

Second up: The Dagoes. I know less than little about The Dagoes. YouTube has it that they’re from Adelaide, circa 1980 – and who am I to doubt such a reputable information source. This song, a great song, a sparkling gem of a 60s big beat-style song, reminds me of The Barracudas (it’s the same era) and there shit ain’t nothing wrong with that. Straight ahead garage rock, with a great straight ahead garage rock voice and performance.

I doubt if I need to know that much more anyway. Just a damn fine song. Here’s another one … although is that lyric a little suspect?

They’re still going. Of course they are. Old garage bands never die or fade away. They just are.

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