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Song of the day – 490: videoing

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This is what they say on the Soundcloud:

videoing, a new music project from Austin, TX mixes hi-tech intentions with lo-fi cogs, gears and whistles, offering up a sound meant to be unique but familiar, gritty but smooth, driving but calm (in a crazy sort of way). Their yet to be named debut album due out early 2012 should prick the ears of the blogosphere, the unsuspecting random listener and the audiophile community at large.

Don’t be put off by that.

Listen to this:

Here are five artists this song by videoing remind me of (and this isn’t to their detriment, far from it):

  • Muscles Of Joy – because they understand about the necessity of elasticity and invention and space and dub
  • The Birthday Party – for the sparse but exceedingly effective use of guitar
  • Ill Ease – because silence is a rhythm too (not so upfront, though: way more menacing)
  • Yoko Ono – five degrees of separation, right? And everything comes back to Yoko
  • This Heat – for the analogue electronica, or something (and can I just throw in a mention of Les Georges Leningrad or Vivien Goldman here: again, it’s the sardonic and literate vocals, the intimation of the silences, the jazz-flecked cadences, the fluidity and barely-hidden anger)

Elements, not steals.

This is excellent. Totally, hands-round-throat, Monet excellent.

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