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Spot the difference: Spin Magazine vs The Guardian

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Kurt Cobain - Steve Gullick

Wow. Talk about coincidences. One would think there was only one way to write about the Nevermind reissue!

3. Nirvana came from Seattle
Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic, the two founder members of Nirvana, grew up in the depressed logging town of Aberdeen, WA. Dave Grohl is from Washington DC. As soon as they could, Krist and Kurt moved: not to Seattle but to the nearby towns of Olympia and Tacoma, because the rent was cheaper. Right up to the point when Nevermind hit No 1 on the Billboard chart in December 1991, Kurt was living in Olympia. He then moved to LA before ending up in Seattle.
Ten myths about grunge, Nirvana and Kurt Cobain (Everett True, The Guardian, 24 August 2011)

Kurt Cobain was a notorious planner, and his journals are filled with track listings for albums he never made. His first idea for a title for Nevermind was Sheep. He went so far as drawing an ad in his journal with typically cryptic, Cobain-esque copy: “Sheep: Because you want to not, because everyone else is,” it read, with the tagline of “Abort Christ.” Krist Novoselic offered up his explanation for the title: “We were thinking about calling it Sheep because we were so cynical.” But that plan was abandoned by late 1990.
8 Myths About Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ (Charles “R” Cross, Spin Magazine, 8 September 2011)

At least when I’m engaged in creating myths around the Pacific Northwest I’m aware of it.

Photography: Steve Gullick

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