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The launch of Tidal | three times chicken feed is still chicken feed

The launch of Tidal | three times chicken feed is still chicken feed

Who would have thought that incredibly rich pop stars are that concerned about becoming even more incredibly rich? Welcome to the beginning of a new era. Experience the difference. #TIDALforALL I wonder where they think the money is coming from. I wonder if they even realise the way they’ve marketed their campaign like some right-on charity launch […]

 Scott Creney

Hillsong United – Live In Miami: Welcome to the Aftermath (Hillsong)

History shows us there are infinite interpretations of Christ and his message. And if all this ‘power’ and ‘glory’ shit makes me uncomfortable, if $30 t-shirts and $15 souvenir tour drumsticks make me feel like flipping over the tables in their stadium temples, then maybe Hillsong and I have just read The Bible differently.

 Wallace Wylie

Why Everett True is Wrong – rescuing ‘The Fly’ by U2

You’ll notice I’m praising Bono as a lyricist here. Take a deep breath, agree, then move along.

 Everett True

Everett True does not like Kings Of Leon

Someone was accusing me of going soft on Kings Of Leon the other day. Bangs wept! I CANNOT have such aspersions cast on my professional integrity. The following is for him, my faceless accuser. Reprinted from Something Awful, 19/11/10.


Radiohead – The King Of Limbs (self-released)

If you wanted hairpin changes of direction: this freewheels straight down the line.

 Everett True

that ‘new’ Radiohead video/a 10-point survival guide for online critics (redux)

This blog entry is intended to replace the previous two entries, that ‘new’ Radiohead video, reviewed in full AND a 10-point survival guide for music critics in web 2.0. This is the final edit, where I strip away most of the unnecessary verbiage. I’ve left the other two up online: not least because of the dozens of […]

 Everett True

that ‘new’ Radiohead video reviewed in full

It’s rock music as midlife crisis: premature and unwanted.



Torrents are preventing artists from making any income! If torrents continue then the consumer will be able to rip off the artist directly, instead of businessmen and corporations. We must shut down the business that is ripping off musicians so the established businesses can. Otherwise there will be no more HMVs or Video Hits. Imagine […]