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that ‘new’ Radiohead video reviewed in full

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Sorry. I succumbed.

It’s like Bono, minus the ‘charisma’.

It’s rock music, minus any of those pesky dynamics you usually associate with the form.

It’s like those irritating buzzing flies that always come into our kitchen around 5.30pm and buzz around the trails of blood until I get the electric badminton racket out.

It’s drum’n’bass, watered down and made putrid for popular consumption.

It’s rock music as mime: all the posturing and none of the substance. Or humour.

It’s rock music as midlife crisis: premature and unwanted.

It’s rock music as mud: grey, formless, useless.

It’s Radiohead. And I do not like it.

The new Radiohead album is 37 minutes long, but unfortunately only contains 21 seconds of music.

P.S. I was inspired to write this ‘review’ by a message sent to me on Facebook by Martin, the singer with Otherness Rock, a sweet yet disturbing 70s AM radio-sounding/punk-influenced electro rock band from Argentina. It read: After all these years. What’s the sense of a 21st Century single which lasts 5:08 and keeps the same rhythm pattern, the melody is plain and the vibe is more like a candy of valium rather than a new and exciting step ahead?

P.P.S. My full response to some of the dialogue that Radiohead’s release schedule – and this review – has created can be found here.

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