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The Focus Group – The Elektrik Karousel (Ghost Box)

The Focus Group – The Elektrik Karousel (Ghost Box)

The human brain is pretty much hard-wired on an evolutionary level to romanticize the past. It’s a survival mechanism, one of those things that keeps us going forward into the scary future. Our brain tends to ration out traumatic memories strictly on a need-to-know basis.

 Everett True

this is why we have YouTube: Amy Winehouse drunk in Belgrade

You know, you could make the following out to be a reason why we don’t need music criticism/journalism any more …


5 Music Journalism Clichés Which Should Go Away Forever

1. “(INSERT FEMALE ROCK/POP MUSICIAN’S NAME HERE), THE BAD GIRL OF ROCK…” Description: Virtually every female musician who dyes her hair ‘punk’ colors and/or makes vaguely ‘rebellious’ (or quasi-feminist) pronouncements is saddled with this phrase in music reviews or featured interviews. This travesty of words has been going on since The Slits, and most notoriously […]