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The Sonic Narrative – 15 great songs

This was the penultimate lecture in Sex Drugs Rock N Roll this semester at QUT

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Some right crap media double standards: Kings Of Leon vs Amy Winehouse

Note the difference between the tone (and reaction) to these two stories.

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the media reacts with its customary sensitivity to the death of Amy Winehouse – IN PICTURES!

By Everett True

 Everett True

15 Most Read Entries on Collapse Board, 19.06.11 – 27.06.11

“You want to stay in that comfort zone. It helps you block out the world.”

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this is why we have YouTube: Amy Winehouse drunk in Belgrade

You know, you could make the following out to be a reason why we don’t need music criticism/journalism any more …

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Song of the day – 324: Eliza Doolittle

She’s like Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse rolled into one, not quite so threatening


Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes (Atlantic)

The kitchen-sink clattering of Youth Novels has been replaced by enormous thunderous drums, multi-tracked heavenly choirs, and melodies that come in great trembling reverberations.

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Songs about Brisbane – 5: The Go-Betweens

[The following was written almost a year ago to the day for my regular column for the Spanish magazine Go Mag. I was trying to capture the feeling of listening to the rain outside my house in The Gap, and futilely searching around in my iTunes for songs featuring the word ‘rain’, before stumbling across what […]

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Song of the day – 155: The Like

Obviously, I hate everything about this group, but the music and production and playing on this album (courtesy of Amy Winehouse’s producer and backing band) is quite exemplary, and… …I’m glad I’m not the only one who misses the original Pipettes. This is Wendy James-level desperate, and Transvision Vamp-level good. Now, maybe if Mark Ronson and the Dap-Kings […]