Lee Adcock

Spray Paint – Punters on a Barge (Homeless)

Spray Paint – Punters on a Barge (Homeless)

So. Wanna feel the ground squirm under your feet like a thousand worms? Wanna feel your mind melt ever so slowly into tie-dye colored goop? Wanna feel NOTHING? Punters On A Barge by Spray Paint GOD FUCK. Think the sheer metal alien attack of Chrome, fused with steamrolling kraut beats, and Flipper’s absolute denial of […]

 Scott Creney

The Bastards Of Fate – Who’s A Fuzzy Buddy (This Will Be Our Summer)

Keep your ears tuned to the small towns. The future of music is living in South Dakota.

 Everett True

Spotlight – 13: The Deadnotes

I should declare a prior interest somewhere. But really, what first attracted me to this band – trained in the “school of error” as practised by Maher Shalal Hash Baz and all those other naive orchestral delights, accomplished keyboards man Leighton Craig of the firm belief that where drummers went wrong was when they first […]