Princess Stomper

How to interview

It shouldn’t feel like First Question; Answer; Next Question. It should feel like a conversation.

 Princess Stomper

5 fundamentally flawed albums you need to own

Sure, you can just use the presets, but that would be bollocks. The real artist puts things together in ways that nobody else would even consider.

 Princess Stomper

How I lost my love for music (and how I found it again)

Fuck this, I’d rather listen to Kylie.

 Princess Stomper

Manorexia @ Union Chapel, London 12.04.12

Hell, it rocks harder than any of those lily-livered upper-middle-class floppy-haired fops in the charts.

 Princess Stomper

11 Greatest Things From 2011

Just knowing that there’s music this good out there makes me feel thankful, relieved, and a little bit spoiled

 Princess Stomper

You don’t need to shout to be heard: nine present-day political songs

I don’t think anyone needs to worry about musicians losing their voices any time soon.

 Princess Stomper

Manorexia – Dinoflagellate Blooms (Ectopic Ents)

If Dinoflagellate Blooms was a child, it would be Elphaba from Wicked

 Princess Stomper

Music: reviewed in cats

I will now re-review some of my favourite recordings through the medium of cats.

 Princess Stomper

Princess Stomper deconstructs the Art of the Pop Song

The rhythms are hugely complex in how they build up and break down. It’s these wave-like swells and drops that dictate how your body is going to move on the dancefloor. For the brainless dancefloor filler, structure is everything.

 Everett True

Song of the day – 281: Hello Seahorse!

This is music that swims.