Ben Green

Various Artists – Song Reader (Capitol)

Beck’s sheet music-only “album”, Song Reader, proved surprisingly divisive as a concept.  Some lapped up the intended, vaguely Luddite reminder of pop music’s origins as a DIY and ephemeral home entertainment; others shuddered at the “vintage” flavour (liquorice and pomade) or found the prerequisites of musical literacy/ability and access to an instrument elitist.  I was always in […]

 Wallace Wylie

The Weeknd – House Of Balloons / Thursday / Echoes Of Silence (XO)

Sex, drugs, more sex, more drugs, each song details another night of Bacchanalian excess with no redemption in sight. Are you ready to party?

 Everett True

I want to dance like Jonathan Richman

I want to dance like Jonathan Richman

I want to dance like Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps


Elbow – Build A Rocket Boys! (Fiction)

They’re not afraid to make an album that whispers.


Edward Guglielmino’s Guide to… 30 ways to make your band underground

He’s thin, he’s skinny, he’s deeply misunderstood and he’s writing for Collapse Board! Here is the first in the series from Brisbane’s answer to the bell-bottomed, loose-limbed, devil-may-croon swagger of Dave Graney on How To Make It In The Music Business And Still Annoy The Fuck Out Of Everyone Who Matters 1. Get your band […]

 Everett True

Spotlight – 32: Mika

Don’t act so surprised, I have form here – OK? This is like Jarvis and ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ and Queen and Lady Gaga and Belinda Carlisle and Ladies And Gentlemen…The Fabulous Stains combined…and who’d have thought it?! THAT’S A GOOD THING!!! Listen to We Are Golden here. It actually makes way more sense if […]

 Everett True

Spotlight – 7: The Pastels/Tenniscoats

Notes written on my iWhatever about the forthcoming Pastels and Tenniscoats collaboration Two Sunsets on the plane flying into Perth at sunset for the Revelation Film Festival. Now if I was writing this up for a Guardian or Plan B article then obviously I would structure and make sense of my initial impressions, but I’m […]