Lawrence English’s ear exploder list from 2012

By Lawrence English These Things That Made My Ears Alive In 2012

 Wallace Wylie

Dan Bejar of Destroyer – The Collapse Board Interview

“I’d much rather have a minute of awkward silence than me asking people how their night went. Awkward silence has way more to do with the music we’re playing than casual banter”


Edward Guglielmino’s Guide to… 30 ways to make your band underground

He’s thin, he’s skinny, he’s deeply misunderstood and he’s writing for Collapse Board! Here is the first in the series from Brisbane’s answer to the bell-bottomed, loose-limbed, devil-may-croon swagger of Dave Graney on How To Make It In The Music Business And Still Annoy The Fuck Out Of Everyone Who Matters 1. Get your band […]