Lee Adcock

SOTD #746 – Skinny Girl Diet

SOTD #746 – Skinny Girl Diet

Throughout rock n’ roll’s 60-year lifespan, men have always envisioned particular archetypes for women. There’s the cheating kind, the angels and the devils, the enigmas, the free spirits, and of course the flat-out foxy ladies. Even those who wish to hold a candle to femininity only do so to the mythos of femininity. Man is […]


Household – Items (Dull Knife)

We could talk about the ping pong vocals that recall bands like Oh Ok

 Scott Creney

THE US REVIEW Kellies – Las Kellies (Fire)

This reverence towards the irreverent, making idols out of iconoclasts, is profoundly disturbing

 Jean Encoule

An interview with Marlene Marder of Kleenex/LiLiPUT

Q: What do you recall from your first ever Kleenex gig? A: Very funny – a good party. We played our four songs – over and over again!