A Young Person’s Guide To Hustling In Music and The Arts

Freelancing is about peaks and troughs and not everyone’s wave cycle is at the same frequency.

 Everett True

quite honestly, the worst fucking thing I’ve seen this year (Courtney Love in Venice)

They’re laughing at you Courtney, not with you. They’re laughing at you.

 Matt O'Neill

The REAL Collapse Board Manifesto

We at Collapse Board understand that the metaphysical oesophagus to our figurative gut of primal intuition has been clogged with the hamburger of knowledge.


Parklife 2010 – Visual Anthropology of a Dance Music Festival in 24 Photos

In thinking of a few words to write for this post, and reminiscing back to Saturday, it struck me that despite everything, i.e. a dance music festival and an obscene amount of really obvious drug use, there wasn’t an awful lot of dancing actually going on. With perfect timing, the Guardian’s Indie Doctor addressed the […]