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Lost in The Void – An Introduction

Lost in The Void – An Introduction

I’m not going to concentrate on the next big thing or yesterday’s heroes that are doing their fourth comeback tour, so if that’s what you’re into this isn’t the column for you.


Lawrence English’s ear exploder list from 2012

By Lawrence English These Things That Made My Ears Alive In 2012

 Everett True

Jim Jarmusch on authenticity

Nothing is original.

 Matt O'Neill

An Excessively Exhaustive Look at 10 Interesting Pieces of Music from 2011 | Matt O’Neill

At the risk of sounding overly hyperbolic, I think the best – or, at the very least, most interesting – records stand outside time.


20 records of 2011 that saved me from dying in airports

(and on other modes of transport)

 Everett True

Frankly, It’s A Pop Festival! 2011 (free album download)

Here’s a free nine-track digital download compilation


A Young Person’s Guide To Hustling In Music and The Arts

Freelancing is about peaks and troughs and not everyone’s wave cycle is at the same frequency.


THE ALTERNATE REVIEW Thurston Moore – Demolished Thoughts (Matador)

The solo record can be a treacherous pursuit.


Open Frame Festival live @ Powerhouse, 06-07.10.10

Open Frame Festival over two nights upstairs at the Powerhouse. Relaxed setting, beautiful quad sound and some of the finest music around. This was probably best event I have been to this year. The stand out for me was Nadja. So heavy. I wrote somewhere they were like Sunn O))) with melodies if you can […]

 Everett True

Song of the day – 195: kyü

The blurb that comes attached to the shrink-wrap with the debut album from this Sydney duo states, rather ridiculously, “10 mind-bending tracks that will change the way you listen to pop music”. Assuming, one presumes, one has never listened to any of Kate Bush’s more ethereal work, or anything associated with certain female singers from […]