Everett True

It’s just another shitty music award. Who gives a crap?

Folk are getting hot under the collar about the recent Jagermeister-sponsored AIR (Australian Independent Music) awards. Particularly the awarding of the “best independent album” category to Cloud Control for Bliss Release, an album distributed by Universal Music. And also particularly at the fact the host of the “independent” music awards was one of Nova 969 […]

 Everett True

a plug for something you really ought to think about attending if you live in or near Brisbane

Actually, it’s not so much a plug as a lazy-ass link. But Eternal Soundcheck has long been one of my favourite blogs – and a primary motivation behind wanting to create Collapse Board – and, uh, I don’t know. Matt shoots intriguing video documents of Brisbane’s DIY underbelly, the sort of stuff that rarely gets written […]