Matthew Chin-Quee

Jude Perl – Modern Times

Jude Perl – Modern Times

After about 2 years of on and off correspondence, I was lucky enough to have Jude Perl’s first LP Modern Times sent to me by the Melbourne-based singer/songwriter herself. I was first introduced to Jude by way of Youtube, where I randomly came across a video of her performing Jamiroquai’s “Virtual Insanity”. I was really […]

 Wallace Wylie

English Blues – The Untold History of the Chunka-Chunka Song

It was The Supremes’ ‘Baby Love’ that really brought back that Chunka-Chunka feeling

 Princess Stomper

Is there really such a thing as selling out?

It can feel like a betrayal, and the fan blames the band: they ‘sold out’, because they don’t belong to you exclusively any more.

 Hannah Golightly

Fuck The Dream. Marry for the love and not the money.

I sense a spirit of love that infuses the music with soul and self-expression. And if you think this description suggests a kitsch twee puke-fest, then I’d have sorely done the depth and strength of their music an injustice.